My MorgBlog

My MorgBlog

End October 2016

I suddenly stopped all medication for about a week. My younger brother passed away. Eventually I came back to living my life again.

The most prrdominant Morgellons symptoms I have are calluses on the palms of both skin. Seems the antibiotic I was on for 6 weeks softened some of the dead skin so it could be removed. Flaked off. Removing the skin leads to a deep hole in the hand.When I rub it in a circular motion black foreign material comes out. Hard specs and quite sore.

Not sure what to do next as I think the morgellons is reactivating. producing this debris that comes out of the skin.

My elbows and knee haven’t been sore.


Morgellons. The Reality

Hi Everyone. I’m Nicky to my friends. As administrator of this site I’d like to welcome you here. This is my first website so please bear with me as it is still a work in progress.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I must admit summertime 2 years ago I was ok. under alot of stress though. I was going through menopause when a rapisly became sick. First I was tired. Chronically tired for no reason. Then my joints would swell up. marks would appear out of nowhere on my skin. Spec started coming out of broken skin. I looked at my bum. It was covered in white hairs with spots of silicon on the tips.

Doctor said I had scabies. Of coarse it didn’t work and I continued to get worse.

I noticed little bugs in my hair. Thought it was headlice. Then I was sitting on the loo when a tiny black ball fell of my head and into puddle of water. It hatched and swam in circles before it drowned. WTF. I was really worried and on the internet every day googling little black spiders in hair.

I started getting nasty lesions. Blue fibres came out. Cotton wool like balls popping out of my skin. The itch is so deep you can’t scratch it.

Doctor after Doctor called me crazy. One admitted he didn’t know what to do.

By this stage I was infested with ticks. They were the spiders. Scabies and several types of worm. i ended up on Albendazole. The Emergency sent me to the psyciatrist 3 times when I was coughing up worm eggs.

I showed a friend when I put lemon juice on my skin these white rice things would pop out.

He rang the hospital and they called me. the said we think you have a physical problem and prescribed me a drug. I questioned why they had prescribed a psyc drug and they said that sometimes these drugs work for physical conditions.

They told me it would kill the Morgellons. It worked. The symptoms went away and I carried on a la normal.

It took me 8 months of searching the net to discover I had Morgellons disease. I stay online with the Moegellons community proudly declaring I’d found the cure. Well i recieved a warning and told that it wouldnt last.

A year and a half later it’s back. Not on all it’s glory, thank God. But it never went away. Just lay dormant.

i have my own theries and beliefs based on facts.

Yes this is a terrible disease, very real und almost a secret.

We must band together and find a cure.

God Bless. Nicky.