Good Day to Everyone,

Welcome to my website about my journey and discoveries of Morgellons Disease.

My name is Nicola Small. I am 52 years old and have had Morgellons Disease for over
4 years.

My esteemed associate, Michael Grisofe and I are currently involved in an experiment,
while searching for a cure. We have found the catalyst pathogen of Morgellons disease.
Michael is a Science Laboratory Technician student doing his masters, who also suffers from Morgellons. He used his own samples to oerform scientific experiments, which is when we discovered a huge weapon against this pathogen, dictyostelliem discoideum, otherwise known as slime mold.

I will explain what happened to my body and how I am still alive today.
Yes. Make no bones about it, Morgellons kills you.

It is a contagious Disease, not highly and spreading. More and more people are
being afflicted, suffering terrible pain and even committing suicide.

We can relieve much suffering and even save lives and we are 80 per cent there!
There are still aspects of this disease we do not know,

Here we will tell you the latest, most effective and fasted treatment to date.

This website is for the greater good so please help us fight this incidious disease that’s spreading around the world.

We humbly ask for Donations as we have spent thousands on different products that didn’t work. We need the money for:
More research.
Running of the Website and Facebook Page
Paying for medication

Thank you for your kind donation.